Bingo 80 Ball

As the most unusual of the formats of bingo on the internet, 80 ball internet bingo is becoming much more well known on European sites and has even made the transformation to some American sites. Here, we will look at bingo game with 80 balls in more detail.

The Rules

Bingo 80 BallEvery card is arranged on a four by four grid, which means there are 16 numbers per card. For reference, every vertical column has a colour, which makes it easier to find them, just like the B-I-N-G-O reference in the 75 format and rows of tens on the 90 ball game. The first two rows, which are coloured yellow and red have the numbers 1-20 and 21-40, and the last two rows (blue and white) have the numbers 41-60 and 61-80.


80 Ball Bingo PatternsThe majority of the games are played by being the first player to obtain a pattern. However, one line and a full house is also a format of bingo 80 that is played online. There are some interesting patterns in this format of the game, even though the patterns are slightly more traditional then the 75 ball format.


80 ball online bingo is considered the quickest game out of the three formats on average, which is another reason why it is becoming more popular, especially among those who do not have as much patience as others.  
The 80 ball game will continue to get bigger, mostly because of the increased pace of the game when compared to the 75 and 90 game, and the other differences between the two formats. All of these points make the game exciting to both new players and those who want a change from the other formats, even though the game is often referred to as a mixture of the 75 and 90 ball game.


80 Ball Bingo Sites

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