Bingo 90 Ball

Bingo 90 BallThis bingo type is the most popular online and offline variation of the game of Bingo in the UK. Here, we explore this variation and some tips for new players as well.

How to Play

90 Ball Bingo Winners90 ball bingo cards as well as the game are different from both the 75 and 80 variations. For a start, the game is played by matching one line, two lines and a full house rather than just a pattern. Online, this game is popular because every single game can have three different winners. The initial winner (the person to get one line) receives the smallest portion of the prize fund. This is followed by the winner of the two-line prize, which is slightly more in size and the winner who takes the biggest amount of the prize pool is the first person to get a house. Most games also have a jackpot of some sort for reaching a house before a certain amount of balls has been drawn.

Each card has three horizontal lines and nine vertical lines. Every straight line has five numbers on it meaning there are 15 numbers for you to match from the 90 available.

Differences to 80 and 75 Ball Bingo

Bingo with 90 balls is different to the other games (75 and 80) in quite a few ways:

Speed – it is well known that 90 bingo is a much slower version of the game. This suits some players but not others.

Bingo 90 Ball CardsCard – of course the cards are also laid out differently. Many say that 80 ball bingo has the hardest card to read and that bingo with 90 balls has the easiest card to read. This makes the game ideal for those who would like to keep track of multiple cards.

Numbers – there are also 90 balls instead of 80 and 75. Furthermore, you only need to match 15 numbers for a full house when playing 90 number bingo.

Are you new to the Game?

CardsIf you are new to online bingo or the 90 number game, then you can play the game for free using the no deposit bonus on one of many British, European or American sites offering the 90 ball game. The majority of the major sites offer this game now.

If you are a fan of the 75 or 80 ball game but want to try something different, make sure you try bingo 90. If you are unsure about it, you can try free no deposit bingo to test it.

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